• August Raine

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Updated: Oct 5, 2020

"The number of confirmed cases was well over 300,000. A woman appeared on screen, describing how her daughter had used a wood plane to peel her skin off. The girl had died from blood loss."

A mysterious illness is ravaging the nation. Those suffering from the dreaded sickness are in so much pain that, in many cases, they have peeled the flesh from their bones in a desperate attempt to relieve their symptoms.

Set in and around Manchester, the novel follows Jack Bright, a scientist working to cure the sickness. When a clinical trial goes tragically wrong, Jack realises that there has been a terrible mistake. But before he can find out more, he is framed.

Desperate, not only to clear his name but also to find the cause of the sickness, Jack is forced to resort to increasingly questionable methods. Breaking and entering. Blackmail. Kidnapping. With every decision, his morals are tested, to the point that he wonders whether the end justifies the means. But despite this, he perseveres, motivated by a tragedy in his past.

Jack’s luck is constantly dwindling, until he finds himself racing – not just against the people who are after him, but also the dreaded sickness.

If you enjoyed this, Poison in the Pills is available from Amazon.

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